The Worlds Leading Round Dance Songs Vol .2
We are proud to present the second volume of the World's Leading Round Dance Songs.  It features choice songs from the most respected and highly revered singing groups in round dance country.

This compilation is the second volume in our round dance series.  It has 13 songs with 13 groups.
  • Little Island Cree - Cipopitamana
  • Red Bull - Thinking of You
  • Stoney Park - What the Cowgirls Do
  • Mosquito - You Belong to Me
  • Drumming Hill - Your Fault She Knows
  • Whitefish Jrs & Mervin Dreaver - Last Time You Left Me Blue
  • Logan Alexis - Old School
  • Bear Hills - Windy Boy
  • McGilvery & Green - Wishing You Were Here
  • Edmund Bull - I Quit Drinking Cause I Love you
  • Grey Eagle - General Delivery
  • Saulteaux Nation Singers - I See Everything You Do
  • Mervin Dreaver - Always in My Heart

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