The Worlds Leading Round Dance Songs Vol. 1

Sweet Grass Records present the following singers that continue to keep the spirit of the circle strong. 
  • Red Bull "Son of a gun, you're looking good" 
  • Mosquito Straight 
  • Songs of Bear Hills "Lonely at sun down" 
  • Grey Eagle "Let me walk you home" 
  • Mervin Dreaver and Whitefish Jrs. "Little honey" 
  • McGilvery & Green "If we had fun like this forever" 
  • Edmund Bull "I've been everywhere" 
  • Mosquito "Love and have fun" 
  • Songs of Bear Hill "Windy boy" 
  • Red Bull "Come on over later tonight" 
  • Grey Eagle "I'll see her again" 
  • Mervin Dreaver and Whitefish Jrs. "I'm afraid to see you" 
  • McGilvery & Green "Lonesome again" 
  • Red Bull "Wedding Song" 
Round Dancing is a Healing Circle that has been practiced among indigenous people in America since time immemorial. 

The Cree of North West Canada have exercised their version of the ceremony and in this manner they're keeping their traditions and beliefs intact. The round dance pays tribute to the ancestors that have gone on before us. 

Other First Nations also pay homage to the spirit of the ceremony. Many tribes of North West Canada gather and the singing and dancing commences. Each person participating for their own individual reason. 

The way of singing is an integral part of the ceremony that has its own history, personality and guidelines. The drumming and singing also is a unique gift.

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