Young Scouts
The singers on this cd represent a number of well known lead singers
from groups living in Canada. The group represents themselves as a
gathering of friends brought together to honour the Elder lead singers
& song makers. They represent Black Stone, Wild Horse, Little Island
Cree, Whitefish Jr's, Red Bull, Iron Swing, Red Dog, Fly N Eagle, Big
River Cree, and Charging Buffalo.

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# SGYS021004

This is a 2 CD release from Young Scouts. On this round dance recording you will be able to experience the same fantastic sound as their first release, the Canadian Aboriginal Music Award winning, "Meet Ya at the Round Dance". "Plan 2" features 2 CDs with 22 Songs. An amazing follow up release to their last album!


Plan 2


Disc 1
You Betcha
Cross My Heart (Shania Twain)
Part Time Blues
I'm Ready if your Willin
Pay Day
Thing Called Love
Walk By Again
Rouge Du Lac

Disc 2
I'm Sorry
New Shoes
Highway 47
Plan A
Standing Alone


  • Choo
  • Kenna
  • Cheque Day
  • T.B.P.
  • One True Love
  • Scabby Robes
  • I'm Movin On
  • Hector John
  • Shivers
  • Old Spice II
  • Good Night

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