Red Bull   
This world class singing and drumming group was formed in 1987, with most members originating from the Little Pine Cree Nation near North Battleford, Saskatchewan. The Red Bull Singers is mainly made up of family members where the tradition is handed down from their families including their parents. 
     The group's first performance was in Regina, Saskatchewan at the 1987 Saskatchewan Indian Federated College Pow-wow. Because the group was well received this led to performances in many places in the USA including Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Mexico and Oklahoma. As their popularity grew they were invited as host drum for numerous pow-wows across North America. 
     In 1994 highlights added to their career have been an overseas tour to the Goodwill Games in Russia, Poland, Finland and Sweden. In 1995 The Red Bull Singers had the honour of performing with World renowned artist Buffy Sainte-Marie on a song composed by Edmond Bull and Buffy Sainte-Marie entitled "Darling Don't Cry" . This has led to an appearance on the Rita McNeil Show as well as a music video and a Buffy Sainte-Marie special. This year the group also won the World Hand Drum competition in Connecticut. 
     The Red Bull Singers are recogn ized by many as being one of the most accomplished Pow-wow and Round Dance groups in North America.

(All photos taken by Ted Whitecalf)

    Having Fun Dancing was the first recording Red Bull did with Sweet Grass Records.  A classic and still popular recording.
  • Tina's Song 
  • Jingle Dance 
  • Drum Keeper 
  • Intertribal 
  • Green Grass Dance 
  • Dance Forever 
  • Having Fun Dancing 
  • Crow Hop 
  • Women's Traditional 

Available in cassette only


This round dance recording is entitled Dancing Around the World.  This recording was nominated for a Juno award in 1995.
  • Dancing Around the World (3:45)
  • You Should've Stayed Home (3:30)
  • Thinking of you (3:45)
  • I Heard you are Going to be There (3:45)
  • I Once Loved You (3:15)
  • Hey Low (4:30)
  • Come on Over Later Tonight (4:25)
  • Wedding Song (4:15)
  • Son of a Gun, You're Looking Good (4:15)
  • I Wanna see her at the Next Dance (5:05)
  • I'm Glad I Left Her

Available in cassette only




This release from Red Bull entitled Mother Earth is full of great powwow songs: 
  • Flag Song (4:35) 
  • Meadowlark (3:29) 
  • Chicken Dance (KFC)(3:08) 
  • Dancing On Cloud 9 (3:43) 
  • Soaring Eagle (5:05) 
  • Woody Woodpecker (3:00) 
  • Mother Earth (4:30) 
  • Northern Lights (4:05) 
  • Nice To See You (3:33) 
  • Encourage One Another (4:11) 
  • I Heard You're A Good Dancer (2:33) 
  • Honor Song (6:03)



Red Bull Schemitzun '96 was recorded in Connecticut at the World Championship of Song and Dance.  Good pow wow songs.
  • Grand Entry (3:40)
  • Intertribal (3:10)
  • Women's Traditional (3:36)
  • Intertribal (3:00)
  • Crow Hop (2:18)
  • Intertribal (3:20)
  • Intertribal (3:42)
  • Ladies Jingle Dress (2:00)
  • Intertribal (3:01)
  • Men's Grass (3:50)
  • Intertribal (3:45)
  • Intertribal (3:10)

Available in cassette only


World Handdrum Champions is a round dance recording made the year they won the Hand Drum competition at Schemitzun.
  • On the Way (4:00)
  • One Woman Man (4:02)
  • Spring Fever (3:59)
  • It's Been a Long Time Since I Saw You (4:35)
  • I Don't Know Why (3:56)
  • She Followed Me (4:37)
  • Straight Song (4:34)
  • My Pretty Little Sweetheart (4:17)
  • Way Beyond (4:49)
  • I Hate to Say Goodbye (3:42)


The Best of Red Bull is the best of their previous 5 recordings with us. Mostly powwow with a few round dance songs.
  • Grand Entry
  • Intertribal
  • Encourage One Another
  • Green Grass Dance
  • Intertribal
  • On the Way
  • Having Fun Dancing
  • Intertribal
  • Mother Earth
  • Way Beyond
  • Chicken Dance
  • Jingle Dress
  • Dancing on Cloud Nine
  • Crow Hop
  • Intertribal
  • Honour Song
  • I Hate to Say Good-bye


#SGRB11200Millennium was chosen to be the name for this album to celebrate the year 2000.
Very good round dance songs.  The harmony sang by the women back up singers is wonderful!
  • Millennium (5:34)
  • Y2 Kid (4:55)
  • You're the One (4:30)
  • Heaven (4:55)
  • Bingo (5:00)
  • Winter Fever (6:20)
  • Jaden Watson (6:45)
  • Challenge (6:17)
  • Reservation Blues (6:19)
  • You'll Regret it... in the Future(6:18)
  • You Better Kiss Me, You're Gonna Miss Me (5:03)

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