Marvin Dreaver
Mervin Dreaver is from the Big River Cree Nation in Saskatchewan.  He is no stranger to round dance as he has been singing for most of his life.

No Longer Available
  • Last Time You Left Me Blue
  • I Will Not Wait One Year
  • You Are Beautiful
  • Having Fun
  • Straight
  • Little Honey
  • Macho Man Eat Your Heart Out
  • I'm Afraid to See You With Another
  • You Know I'm Not Alone
  • Straight

"Gone But Not Forgotten"  is dedicated to the memory of their late mother Agnes Dreaver, who passed away in 1996.  "She encouraged us to live a traditional lifestyle, something that we continue to do through round dance".
  • Always in My Heart Mom (4:34)
  • Stright (4:58)
  • Let's Go Round Dancing (4:52)
  • Straight (2:57)
  • I Think She Turns Me On (4:26)
  • I'm Scared of Your Mom (4:15)
  • Straight (5:15)
  • She Looks Beautiful (3:45)
  • Straight (4:24)
  • I Thought You Loved Me (3:32)

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