Aboriginal Women's Voices
In the winter of 1997, Aboriginal women from various Nations, cultures, languages and music traditions came together at Sleeping Buffalo Mountain in Banff, Alberta.  Each woman brought with her one song that was representative of the music place she came from.  As a group, the women of Aboriginal Women's Voices created, rehearsed, performed and recorded eight new songs.  This CD is a result of their individual journeys and their journey together.

This is a very popular recording and we have a hard time keeping it in stock.  These womens voices are truly amazing.  (This is not a powwow recording).  Songs on this album are:
  • Bone Game Song
  • Buffalo Song
  • Symphony for Black Crow Woman in E Minor
  • Eskanye Gainase Women's Dance Song (Hogi Ya Ma He)
  • Grandmother Song
  • Snow Song
  • Myma - Deer Song
  • Indian Summer
  • Moon of the Singing Frogs
  • Look to the Earth
  • All the Way to Stomp Dance
  • Blessing Song
  • Isdzan Binadidzoli (Spirit/ImmaculateWomen)
  • Soul Sisters
  • Sleeping Buffalo Stomp Dance
  • Travelling Song
The women that are on theis album are: Sadie Buck, Cornelia Bowannie, Jani Lauzon, Jennifer Kreisberg, Olivia Tailfeathers, Sharon King, ElizaBeth Hill, Joyce Fossella, Flora Wallace, Soni Moreno, Cherokee Blood, Jerriann Buckskin, Amber Weasel Head. 

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