Delia & the Waskewitch Boys
Delia & the Waskewitch Boys are from Saskatchewan.  These singers have made a name for themselves on both the powwow and round dance trails.  Anyone who has been to a powwow or round dance has likely heard one or all of these talented singers. 
(Photos by Ted Whitecalf)

# SGDW021904


This is another amazing round dance recording by Delia and the Waskewitch Boys. On this extraordinary recording you will hear Delia's unforgettable harmony along with the strong and steady sound of the boys. This recording is sure to sell out fast. Be sure to get your copy now!

Under the Same Sky

  • A Time for Healing 5:10
  • Deeked Out 3:20
  • Hand Game 2:46
  • Leaving Again 3:38
  • Iíve Got This Feeling 4:03
  • Sitting Here Thinking of You 4:20
  • Shaylum 3:22
  • Under the Same Sky 6:45
  • Listen to the Elders 5:35
  • Crossing the River 3:06
  • Love One Another 2:10
  • First Time I Saw You 2:49
  • I Was Dreaming 5:35


This is the first recording that the three of them have done alone together.  This 3 person round dance album really displays the talent that Brian, Irvine and Delia have.  Delia provides awesome harmony for this recording.
  • Dedicated to the Lewis Family (4:46)
  • Tyrel (6:23)
  • Heaven (4:23)
  • The Blues (4:07)
  • I Won't Hold Your Hand (4:35)
  • My Sweetheart Left Me (4:14)
  • Ancestors (4:02)
  • This is For You (4:09)
  • Magic Moment (2:49)
  • I'll Never Leave You (2:56)
  • Dan Chief Song (4:39)


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