Cache Lake
Cache Lake is located on the northern section of the Saddle Lake First Nations Reserve. The group Cache Lake started in 1993 with four dedicated people and now consists of fifteen singers. We are still in the early stages of singing experience, but with the guidance and teaching of Leo McGilvery, Lyman McGilvery and Hector McGilvery, the Cache Lake singers are "Keeping the Tradition.
This group was one of the first singing groups in the early pow-wow circuit and this is where the Cache Lake singers gain their direction from. We have been blessed with a fine group of role models. 

The Cache Lake Singers are known for their straight style of singing. All our songs have been composed by our singers and we hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy singing them

Keeping The Tradition 
  • Wind Dance (5:45) 
  • Pachie's Song Grass Dance (4:25) 
  • Women's Golden Age (4:00) 
  • Traditional (3:25) 
  • Priscilla's Love Song (3:55) 
  • Contest Song (3:25) 
  • Chicken Dance (2:25) 
  • Warrior Song (3:25) 
  • Tiny Tot Jammer (3:20) 
  • Big Louie's Special (4:15) 
  • Intertribal Great Gama Special (4:30) 
" Keeping our tradition and cultural values in sight gives us added strength and commitment to making our group a success. This is why we have dedicated this tape to a fine group of people that were once the Saddle Lake Singers (Cover picture, Top L-R: Willy Ray Cardinal, Lloyd Cardinal, Edward Cardinal, William Delver, Bottom L-R: Sam McGilvery, Leo Brighteyes, Norris Cardinal and Louis McGilvery). 


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